What is an IP67 rated Industrial PC?

What is an IP67 rated Industrial PC?

Embedded industrial PCs are designed for usage in environments where commercial-grade PC systems are unsuitable. This is due to dependability, round-the-clock use, supply lifespan, adequate thermal dissipation, extended operating temperatures, adverse weather conditions, inadequate power supply, support, and serviceability.

An international protection marking, often known as an IP Rating/Code, is used to rate a product's resistance to liquid and dust ingress. The International Electrotechnical Commission created the IEC/EN 60529 standard, which is a globally acknowledged norm.

The IP rating system uses a two-digit method to determine the level of protection for each product. Protection from solids is represented by the first digit and protection from liquids by the second. The IP Code was created to standardize protection levels and prevent inaccurate interpretations and misrepresentations of a product's level of protection.

What is an IP67 rated Industrial PC

If a product has an IP67 rating, it is classified as "waterproof."

The number "6" stands for "full protection against dust for an extended period of time," as well as "protection against contact with objects larger than 1mm in diameter, such as wire or a small tool."

The '7' denotes the system is "protected against full immersion in water when under pressure between 15 cm and 1 meter for 30 minutes."

Commercial PC vs IP67 Industrial PC

In terms of receiving, storing, and processing information to carry out a sequence of tasks under the guidance of a program or software, an industrial PC is comparable to a commercial PC. The robustness, reliability, performance, compatibility, expandability, and long-term availability of industrial PCs, however, set them apart from commercial PCs.

IP67 industrial PCs are the ideal fanless and waterproof solution for demanding and moist environments. These industrial PCs are made with stainless steel and aluminium chassis that prevents corrosion in the presence of moisture and salinity.

The inside components are shielded from water and dust by the sealed IP67 design. Each computer makes use of an industrial-grade, vibration- and shock-resistant cooling system and fanless components.

Advantages of IP67 Industrial PC

Apart from being able to completely submerge their inner components for up to 30 minutes in water that is 1m deep without encountering any system damage, IP67 ruggedized industrial PCs are waterproof and dust-tight, making them ideal for industrial deployments in harsh environmental conditions. As they can operate in space-constrained deployments, there is no need to utilize a NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) enclosure to safeguard against external exposure.

SEMIL Extreme Rugged

SEMIL Extreme Rugged-industrial pc

SEMIL-1700GC series is one of the world’s first IP67-rated, waterproof and dustproof inference server with pre-installed NVIDIA® Tesla T4 or Quadro P2200 for the most demanding environments. It is a brand new page in Neousys’ chapter of innovations as it represents a new level of robustness for rugged edge AI solutions. Coupled with Intel® Xeon® E or 9th/ 8th-Gen Core™ CPU, the system delivers excellent CPU and GPU performances for advanced edge AI applications in various environmental settings. SEMIL-1700GC series features Neousys’ patented system architecture* to guarantee -25°C to 70°C fanless operation in a rack or wall-mountable 2U 19″ enclosure.

SEMIL-1700GC Shock/ Vibration Test

SEMIL IP67 Waterproof Fanless GPU

IP67 waterproof capability

What is an IP67 rated Industrial PC

IP67 waterproof capability is achieved via specialized molded o-rings and enclosed in stainless steel and aluminium chassis for corrosion resistance

True Wide-temp Fanless with GPU

True wide temp fanless with GPU-industrial pc

NVIDIA® RTX A2000/ Tesla T4/ Quadro P2200 can operate up to 62°C ambient without GPU throttling

2U Half-rack/ 19" Rackmount

2U Half rack 19 Rackmount-industrial pc

Available in standard form factors with unique brackets for flexible rack or wall-mount deployment

Built-in SuperCAP UPS

Built in SuperCAP UPS-industrial pc

Patented SuperCAP UPS effectively prevents data loss while featuring greater reliability and longevity over traditional battery UPS

M12 Connectivity

M12 Connectivity-industrial pc

The M12 connectivity features COTS availability and is a cost-effective solution while maintaining robustness

IP67 & Extreme Rugged for Various Deployment

IP67 Extreme Rugged for Various Deployment

SEMIL extreme rugged computers are ideal for various deployment where extremely rough conditions are expected.

  • Industrial Vehicle
  • Military Defense
  • Factory Automation
  • Maritime
  • Environmental Monitoring

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