What is an Embedded Industrial PC?

What is an Embedded Industrial PC?

Embedded industrial PC are computers that are physically implemented as part of a larger system and have a specific function. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, allowing you to utilize them for everything from monitoring and regulating automation lines to managing bus security cameras for mass transit. Engineers can also optimize specialized setups for lower hardware needs and programmable software because of their devoted nature.

These embedded computers are growing smarter and more complex as technology advances, playing an increasingly important role in the advancement of IoT and the promotion of human-machine relationships. From vending machines to automobile systems, embedded computers now power practically everything.

Characteristics of Embedded Industrial PC

Even though embedded computers include a wide spectrum of special-purpose systems, they all share some common traits that let them excel in a variety of computing environments:

Small Form Factor

With soldered components and SoC architecture, small form factor decreases component complexities, allowing for a variety of applications in tight spaces and tough deployments.

Passive Cooling

The use of heat pipes and heat sinks for passive cooling removes the need for mechanical fans, which expose interior components to dust and debris. The majority of embedded industrial PC use low thermal design power (TDP) components with passive cooling; this combination is a crucial feature of embedded computing that aids in the dissipation of damaging heat created by components. This type of design allows for embedded industrial PC installations in harsh environments where temperature control is not possible.

Rugged Design Features

Rugged design features that support a wide operating temperature, a wide voltage range, and shock and vibration resistance. These features are required to ensure the longevity and stability of products to reduce points of failure. The wide operating temperature range enables deployment in outdoor environments where temperature cannot be controlled, and wide voltage protection is required in environments where voltage spikes occur. Furthermore, shock and vibration resistance are critical for in-vehicle applications, particularly for mission-critical services where dependability is essential.

Low Maintenance and Reliability

Low maintenance and dependability are critical for embedded industrial PC, which is why they use fanless and cableless architectures to reduce the number of moving parts. These designs lessen the danger of harming components in harsh applications that may contain stress and vibration aspects. Furthermore, because repairs or shutdowns might be damaging to the production process, some industrial applications require systems to run continuously, creating a demand for an embedded industrial PC capable of providing long-term reliability and 24/7 functionality.

Dedicated Nature

Because of their dedicated nature, embedded industrial PC can use customized software to reduce hardware requirements. Microsoft, for example, offers a version of Windows (Windows 10 IoT) that is specifically designed for embedded and IoT applications. Windows 10 IoT includes useful development tools and instructive support to make it easier to construct your own IoT vision.

Low Power Consumption

Low power consumption due to more energy-efficient processors that reduce heat created by internal components. Intel, for example, has a range of multi-core SoC mobile processors that have low power consumption and efficient performance. This eliminates the need for fans and moving parts, lowering total expenses by lowering power usage.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) will be the foundation for major embedded system players looking to transform their products through AI, machine learning, and edge computing. The IoT ecosystem combines sensor data collected with the processing capabilities of embedded industrial PC, where it can be analyzed and used to produce actionable results. IoT encourages businesses to improve their productivity and rethink their business strategies.

Rugged Embedded Industrial PC and Expandable Box PC

Neousys embedded Box PCs feature high-performance processors with low power consumption components. They are capable of functioning with 100% CPU load while operating in wide temperature range ranging from -25℃ to 70℃ for various industrial applications. In addition, Neousys embedded Box PCs feature flexible expansion modules allowing you to add-on industrial-specific I/O functions for your solution needs.

Rich in Inputs/Outputs

With abundant vision-specific I/Os, camera interfaces, microsecond-scale real-time I/O control and advanced AI inference capability, rugged embedded industrial PCs simplifies system integration complexity and reduces the cost of ownership. An efficient design which can benefit machine vision applications and making it easy to connect to multiple USB3 cameras, GigE (PoE) cameras including Camera Link and CoaXPress cameras. Offering superior stability, performance and reliability on a single system.

Embedded industrial PC can spell the difference in the efficiency of your industrial operations. It can process your input better, make the process smoother and generate more accurate results. Should you plan to upgrade your operations with a reliable embedded industrial PC? Contact Voltrium Systems today!

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