What are the advantages of using Smart Cameras?

What are the advantages of using Smart Cameras?

What are the advantages of using Smart Cameras

The utilization of smart cameras has become increasingly popular in industrial environments in recent years. These cameras offer a range of benefits compared to host-based systems when used in appropriate scenarios, thereby presenting new prospects for inspection, measurement, and other vision-related applications.

What is the reason behind the adoption of smart cameras in industrial settings? Traditional industrial vision cameras primarily consist of an image sensor with limited internal imaging capabilities. Any image processing, interpretation, and decision-making tasks must be carried out externally on a PC or may not be performed at all.

Smart cameras integrate image sensor and CPU capabilities directly into the camera itself, leading to several implications for specific applications. In essence, smart cameras are capable of capturing and processing images independently, eliminating the requirement for an external PC.

Why use smart cameras in industrial settings?

Utilizing multiple cameras connected to a computer system can consume a significant amount of physical space. Industrial environments are often congested or demand optimal utilization of floor area. Smart cameras eliminate the necessity for numerous connections and multiple camera setups, resulting in a reduced spatial requirement and improved efficiency of machine vision systems.

Smart cameras facilitate localized decision making for pass/fail criteria, allow for I/O part rejection, and provide networked management capabilities. This results in compact system footprints and further enhances the efficiency and simplicity of vision systems.

Smart cameras offer extensive customization options to system integrators and manufacturers, allowing them to enhance images, locate features, and measure objects, among other capabilities. These cameras deliver high performance in a compact form factor and possess the versatility to cater to various imaging requirements in industrial settings.

The utilization of smart cameras in industrial environments has witnessed consistent growth in recent years. Although this technology is gradually expanding into healthcare and entertainment industries, its primary application has been in the industrial sector, where it continues to experience increasing adoption rates.

Although smart cameras may not be appropriate for every situation, they provide clear benefits compared to conventional machine vision systems when used in industrial environments.

Machine Vision Smart Cameras

Machine Vision Smart Cameras

Manufacturers face immense pressure to meet growing business demands, spanning from the factory floor to the control room. Every day, production lines strive for consistent product quality and increased throughput. To succeed, a reliable and efficient process is crucial at every stage of production, emphasizing automation, defect reduction, and accurate assembly and tracking information validation.

Now, manufacturers can address all these challenges with the Zebra Machine Vision Smart Camera. This cutting-edge smart camera introduces a new level of intelligence and automation, empowering production lines to ensure product quality and achieve production targets. Operations become more streamlined, with only error-free components utilized in the appropriate products at the right time. As a result, product defects are nearly eliminated, manufacturing costs decrease, and customer satisfaction soars.

Special Features:

Easy to Set Up

Achieve consistent and reliable inspections effortlessly with the Auto-Tune feature, which allows you to run the system right out of the box. With a simple press of a button, Auto-Tune optimizes the image settings, enabling faster and more precise setup.

Powerful Integrated Lighting

To ensure reliable inspections, it is crucial to begin with a top-notch image quality, often necessitating the acquisition and handling of costly external lighting. However, with Zebra smart cameras, you can maximize efficiency by utilizing the robust integrated ring lighting system. These extensive lighting capabilities empower you to capture flawless, high-quality images, guaranteeing consistent and dependable performance.

Compact footprint for harsh industrial spaces

With a durable IP67-rated housing and sturdy M12 connectors for external interfaces, the Zebra Iris GTX smart cameras are designed to thrive in challenging environments such as dusty or wet conditions. Setup and upkeep is made easy with integrated lens focusing and illumination intensity control. By enabling lens focus adjustment and illumination intensity control through on-device software, the Zebra Iris GTX smart cameras eliminate the necessity for manual intervention in inaccessible areas.



VS20 Machine Vision
Smart Sensor

Easily Integrate Machine Vision
Into Your Network

Iris GTX
Smart Camera

Machine Vision and Deep
Learning Edge IoT Device

VS40 Machine Vision
Smart Camera

Comprehensive Machine Vision
Features Integrated into a Single Package

VS70 Machine Vision
Smart Camera

Completely Customizable to Meet Unique Quality Inspection Needs

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