SX Series – Multi-Projection 3D Camera

SX Series Multi-Projection 3D Camera

Sizector ® 3D Camera SX series is equipped with both multi projection and hardware computation imaging technology, which can eliminate image shadows and blind spots caused by a single projection.

Eliminating shadows and high reflection effects. Get a more complete 3D point cloud.

Multi projection technology is adopted to capture multiple sets of 3D point clouds from different projection directions for hardware fusion, ensuring higher integrity.

The system provides high precision and fast speed by integrating multiple 3D cameras on the hardware side, reducing data transmission compared to PC-based systems without increasing calculation time.

The 2D and 3D data are aligned at the pixel level using telecentric lenses, enabling one-stop high-precision fusion measurement.

By synchronizing with external light sources, the system achieves 2D+3D fusion measurement and detection, obtaining true color 3D point clouds without Bayer matrix and 3CCD imaging effect using external RGB light sources.

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Specifications ST081017 SQ081017 ST081032C ST081043 SQ081043 ST162053 SQ162053
Projector Quantity 2 4 2 2 4 2 4
Framerate of Whole Cycle Time ≤3.0FPS
≤10.5FPS (Binning)
≤4.8FPS (Binning)
≤10.5FPS (Binning)
≤9.6FPS (Binning)
≤5.3FPS (Binning)
≤7.3FPS (Binning)
≤3.6FPS (Binning)
Resolution (Mega Pixels) 8.1M (2856×2848) 8.1M (2856×2848) 8.1M (2856×2848) 8.1M (2856×2848) 8.1M (2856×2848) 16.2M (5328×3040) 16.2M (5328×3040)
Reference Distance (mm) 115 115 120 105 105 185 185
Standard FOV (mm) 17.7×17.7 17.7×17.7 32.8×32.7 43.4×43.3 43.4×43.3 53×30.2 53×30.2
Measurement Range (mm) ±2 ±2 ±5 ±5 ±5 ±10 ±10
Area Repeatability Z (1σ) (um) *1、*2 <0.1 <0.1 <0.16 <0.2 <0.2 <0.3 <0.3
Pixel Interval (mm) 0.006 0.006 0.011 0.015 0.015 0.010 0.010
Dimensions (LxWxH, mm) 305x88x285 305x305x285 280x77x244 310×114.5×280 300x300x280 330x130x335 330x330x335
Weight (kg) <5.6 <7.1 <3.9 <6 <7 <8.5 <11

*1 Repetition accuracy of full field of view and panoramic depth: shoot the target at the positive limit depth of field, zero plane and negative limit depth of field respectively, take 9 edge and corner areas evenly for each FOV for measurement, and take the worst result of 27 z-axis repetition accuracy values; The target is ceramic plate.

*2 Area z-axis repetition accuracy: 100 times the standard deviation of the difference between the z-mean of area a and the z-mean of area B. A. B area is 1% FOV, and the two are adjacent.