Sizector M Series – Dynamic Vision All in One

Sizector M Series

As the latest member of Sizector 3D camera family, M Series 3D camera is an entry-level structured light 3D camera which combines high performance, excellent cost-efficiency and smaller size in one product. Benefited from familial outstanding hardware computation imaging technology, M series can be easily implemented in 3D vision applications with low end micromainframes, thus greatly reducing the cost of 3D vision projects. Meanwhile, M Series 3D camera can also meet the high flexibility requirements of modern industrial manufacturing, and it’s applicable to most industrial 3D vision applications, such as 3D inline inspection, 2D + 3D inspection, positioning, guiding, bin-picking, etc. M Series 3D camera is especially recommended in the case of automatic production line reformation and upgrade, which will improve the popularity in more industrial 3D scenarios and users.

Model M051040 M051090 M051280
Framerate of Whole Cycle Time (FPS) ≤8.6FPS(@1.3M) / 2.5FPS(@5.1M)
Resolution (Mega Pixels) 5.1M (2472 x 2064)
Reference Distance (mm) 100 225 500
Standard FOV (mm) 40 x 33.4 90 x 75.1 280 x 233.8
Measurement Range (mm) ±5 ±22.5 ±100
Repeatability Z (1σ) (um) <0.1 <0.1 0.6
Pixel Interval (mm) 0.016 0.036 0.113
Dimensions (mm) 135 x 85 x 35 200 x 85 x 35 220 x 85 x 35
Weight (kg) 0.52 0.62 0.66