Industrial 3D Cameras

Voltrium Systems is proud to represent Mega Phase, a leading m anufacturer of various types of structured light industrial 3D camera. Mega Phase has achieved great technical development and obtained a number of patent certificates, including invention patents, utility mode and software copyrights, proving their superiority when it comes to industrial cameras.

Sizector® industrial 3D camera is used to solve the difficulties faced by manufacturing customers in product dimension inspection. In practical applications, a majority of smartphone manufacturers and their supply chains benefit from Sizector® 3D camera's outstanding performances, which improve the inspection efficiency significantly and save huge manpower costs for the customers.

Phase-Shifting Structured Light Technology

Sizector® 3D camera applies phase-shifting structure light technology, of which the basic principle is to project a series of 2D images with specific phase encoding onto the object, and snap it at the same time. Afterwards, the 3D camera decodes the obtained image, calculate the decoding information according to the calibration data, and finally reconstruct it into 3D data.

Both line-laser and phase-shifting structure light technology are based on triangulation, so their accuracy is very close. For structure light technology, light is projected to the entire surface. As a result, 3D data can be generated without any moving or stitching.

Phase-Shifting Structured Light Technology

For static 3D measurement, the phase-shifting structure light technology has a primary advantage over line-laser technology. The line- laser 3D sensor requires continuous excitation signals from the encoder during the movement, therefore the accuracy and speed of the inspection are influenced by the moving and feedback system. In the design process, speed and accuracy have to be balanced to achieve a satisfying inspection result.

In the equipment commissioning process, each equipment must be rigorously calibrated and tested. During the long-term operation, the life-time and maintenance of the motion equipment must also be considered. In contrast, Phase-shifting structure light technology not only saves the cost off high- precision moving parts, but also makes installation and maintenance much easier.

Sizector®3D Camera Technical Characteristics

Sizector Industrial 3D Camera Technical Characteristics

(Photo by Sizector® 3D camera, the object contains metal, plastic and a composite surface composed of a variety of materials)

  • Highly Integrated

Based on hardware computing technology, 3D reconstruction does not occupy users' computing resources
  • Easy to Use

Easy-to-use SDK ; Calibrated before delivery ; Out-of-the-box device
  • Outstanding 3D Reconstruction

Wide dynamic range ; Suitable to various materials
  • Fastest in the Industry

Highest frame rate up to 13.5FPS ; Designed for in-line inspection

Sizector® SDK

Sizector SDK supports C, C++, .NET language, Win 7/10 or Linux system,and includes 3D camera drivers, libraries, sample code, and documentation. It also supports multiple 3D cameras working at the same time. Users can add Sizector 3D cameras to the inspection system by calling the driver to achieve complex functions and build up customized systems, such as multi-3D camera collaboration, 2D & 3D collaboration, mechanical control & 3D measurement collaboration.

Sizector SDK

Software interface based on SDK