GS20 Fixed Industrial Scanner

Increase Production Line Throughput with Next Generation Scan Tunnel Architecture

Zebra GS20 Fixed Industrial Scanner


The GS20 connectivity gateway for scan tunnel applications substantially increases package tracking and sorting throughput. With support for up to 16 cameras, the GS20 aggregates all captured scan data to quickly send only the information required by the host application.

Part Number Description
GS20-ST10L3-2C00W Gs20 Scan Tunnel Leader Module: Ethernet, Serial And Industrial Protocols, Up To 16 Camera Inputs
GS20-ST10L3-2C00K Gs20 Scan Tunnel Leader Module: Ethernet, Serial And Industrial Protocols, Up To 16 Camera Inputs


Physical Characteristics
Dimensions 1.1 in. H x 2.15 in. W x 3.71 in. D
28.3 mm H x 54.6 mm W x 94.3 mm D
Power 10 to 30 VDC external power supply; 7W max at 24V; Class 2 PoE, 7W
Configurable IO (4) four opto-isolated GPIO: (2) two dedicated inputs (IN0/IN1), (2) two dedicated outputs (OUT0/OUT1)
Interface Ports (1) One M12 X-Coded 1000/100/10 Mbps Ethernet (1) One M12 12-pin Power/GPIO/Serial
Communication Protocols
Host to Leader PLC (Siemens, Rockwell, Omron, Mitsubishi models), TCP/IP, Serial, GPIO
Leader to Followers TCP/IP, GPIO
Follower Devices Maximum Forward Continuous Current (IFM=70mA @ TA)
Compatible with Zebra FS20, FS40, FS70 follower devices connected via TCP/IP and GPIO
User Environment
Operating Temperature 32°F to 113°F / 0°C to 45°C (duty cycle dependent)
Storage Temperature. -40°F to 158°F / -40°C to 70°C
Humidity 5% to 90% RH, non-condensing
Shock Resistance EN 60068-2-27, 30g; 11 ms; (3) three shocks on each axis
Vibration Resistance EN 60068-2-6, 14 mm @ 2 to 10 Hz
1.5 mm @ 13 to 55 Hz; 2 g @ 70 to 500 Hz (2) two hours on each axis
Sealing IP65 and IP67
Electrostatic Discharge +/- 15 kV Air; +/- 8 kV direct/indirect contact
Environmental EN 50581:2012; EN IE C 63000:2018
Electrical Safety IEC 62368-1 (Ed.2); EN 62368-1:2014/ A11:2017
LED Safety IEC 62471:2006 (Ed.1); EN 62471:2008
EMI/EMS EN 55032:2015/A11: 2020 EN 55035:2017/A11: 2020 EN 61000-3-2: 2014
EN 61000-3-3: 2013
EN 61000-6-2: 2005 and 2019 FCC 47 CFR Part 15, Subpart B Canada ICES-003, Issue 7
EU Declaration of Conformity 2014/30/EU; 2014/35/EU; 2011/65/EU
Refer to the Declaration of Conformity (DoC) for details of compliance to the current standards. The DoC is available at: