PCIe x16 Quad-port 25G SFP28 Ethernet Network Adapter (Intel E810)



Key Features

  • A fiber 25G ethernet network adapter based on Intel chips
  • Four 1/10/25GbE SFP28 ports deliver multiple high speed connections
  • Dynamic Device Personalization (DDP)
  • Supports both RDMA iWARP and RoCEv2
  • Application Device Queues (ADQ)
  • IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP)


LRES1023PF-4SFP28 is a PCIe X16 four-port 25G Ethernet network adapter developed by Shenzhen Lingrui Electronics Co., LTD based on Intel master control solution. Using Intel 800 series master control, through innovative multi-functional functions to improve application efficiency and network performance. With its high-density high transmission rate ports, the cloud and communications are optimized for high-performance system workloads.

LRES1023PF-4SFP28 helps optimize performance in cloud and storage, high-density 25G port provides multiple on-demand connections, The Intel 800 series master application Device Queue (ADQ) provides dedicated traffic queues to reduce latency and improve application throughput while also supporting dynamic device personalization protocol specific traffic acceleration to improve packet processing efficiency and reduce CPU overhead. The addition of iWARP and RoCE V2’s RDMA technology provides high-speed, low-latency, high-throughput connectivity to cloud storage targets.

LRES1023PF-4SFP28 contains IEEE 1588 PTP V2 precise time protocol support for precise clock synchronization.


Controller Intel E810
Baffle Height Full-height & half-height bracket
Power Consumption 22.0W
System Support Windows Server 2016 R2
Windows Server 2019 R2 or later
Linux SLES 12 or later;
CentOS / RHEL 7.5 or later;
Ubuntu 20.10 or later;
Linux Stable Kernel version 4.19.58 or later;
Vmware ESX/ESXi 5.x or later;
Bus Type PCIe v4.0 x16
Data Rate 25/10/1GbE
Connector 4*25G SFP28
Technical Features
Protocol Support IEEE 802.3by-2016 25GBASE-X Ethernet
IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE-X Ethernet
IEEE 802.1Qav
IEEE 802.1Qbu
IEEE 802.1Qbv
IEEE 802.3br
IEEE 1588 PTP v1&v2
IEEE 802.3ad
IEEE 802.3az – Energy Efficient Ethernet
iSCSI Yes (Can be set up)
WoL No
Jumbo Frames Yes
PXE Yes (Can be set up)
FCoE Yes (Can be set up)