Diffused Low Angle Ring Lights

Diffused Low Angle Ring Lights

Diffused Low Angle Ring Lights

Key Features

  • Low angle uniform illumination
  • Reduce LED shadow in outline inspection


Small defects like pin hole, splinter on glass.
Edge extraction of metal parts, Character recognition for electronical parts, label inspection.

Diffused Low Angle Ring Lights diagram

Selection Guide
FLR - 100 R
Model Outer Diameter Color

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Model Lineup

Series Model Color Voltage (V) Power (W)* Dimension
OD×ID×H (mm)
Weight (g)
FLR FLR-88 R/W/B/G 24 3.0 5.0 88X60X37 180
FLR-100 R/W/B/G 24 3.6 6.4 100X73X40 210
FLR-136 R/W/B/G 24 5.5 7.5 136X109X40 300
FLR-180 R/W/B/G 24 7.9 10.0 180X153X40 390
FLR-250 R/W/B/G 24 19.0 23.0 250X210X50 960

* The normal troerance is +/-10% between the actual product power and power table content.

Dimension (mm)

Diffused Low Angle Ring Lights models

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Technical Specifications
Light Color : Wavelength*1 Red: 620 - 630nm | Green: 520 - 530nm | Blue: 460 - 475nm
Color Temperature*1 6800 - 8500K
Operating Environment (indoor) Temperature:0~40℃、Humidity:20~85% Non condensing
Service Life White: 30,000 hours. Red: 60,000 hours (non-guaranteed value)
Supporting Controller PSS, PS1C, PS2C, PD5, PDS4, PDMS, PDM2, PBD, PBDL
Accessories DC extension cable: 1m/2m/3m/5m/7m
Product Development Custom light to get best effects

*1 Wavelength and CCT for different batches maybe differed.

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