Neutrino® SWaP Series

SWaP+C Optimized HOT FPA MWIR Camera Module

The VGA-resolution Neutrino LC and newly-released SXGA-resolution Neutrino SX8 provide best-in-class MWIR imagery and data in a small, lightweight package. Based on Teledyne FLIR’s High Operating Temperature (HOT) FPA technology and linear micro-cooler, SWaP series camera modules are designed for ruggedized products requiring long life, low-power consumption, and quiet, low-vibration operation. Both are ideal for small gimbals and airframes, handheld devices, security cameras, targeting devices, and asset monitoring applications. The Neutrino SWaP Series is simply the best technical solution available.

Overview Neutrino LC, Shutterless Neutrino LC, with Shutter Neutrino SX8, f/2.5, with Shutter Neutrino SX8, f/4, with Shutter Neutrino SX8, f/3, with Shutter
Non-Operating Temperature -57°C to +80°C (-65°F to +176°F)
Spectral Band 3.4 to ≥ 4.9µm Standard 3.4 to ≥ 5.1 µm Standard
System Overview
Color Palettes Yes, RGB888 mode
Size (L x W x H) 7.4 cm x 4.6 cm x 6.1 cm (2.9″ x 1.8″ x 2.4″) 7.9 × 5.3 × 6.1 cm (3.1 × 2.1 × 2.4 in)
Connections & Communications
Discrete I/O Controls Available One Discrete, custom configurable at factory Yes, Three available
External Sync Input/Output Master or Slave
Primary Electrical Connector 80-pin Hirose, DF40C-80DS 80-pin SAMTEC, ST4-40-2.50-L-D-P-TR
User Configurability via SDK & GUI Yes
Electrical & Mechanical
Weight < 380 grams (<13.4 oz) <420 grams (<15 oz)
Environmental & Approvals
Humidity Non-condensing between 5% – 95%
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +71°C (-40°F to +160°F)
Operational Altitude 40,000 ft (~12km)
Shock Lateral 190 g @ .55 ms;
Vertical 320 g @ .55 ms;
Axial 550 g @ .8 ms (goal)
Vibration 5.8 grms 3-axis, 1hr each
FPA Control
Direct Injection Snapshot Prog Operation Yes
Programmable Integration Time Yes (0.01 ms – 16.6 ms)
ROIC ISC0403 ISC1601
ROIC Modes Free run, readout & integration priority
Well Capacity 7 x 10⁶ electrons 2.6 × 10⁶ electrons
Imaging & Optical
Array Format 640 x 512, 15µm pitch 1280 × 1024, 8µm pitch
Camera Link Yes, accessory board required Yes
Cold Aperture Height 19.7mm from FPA 19.4 mm from FPA
Continuous Zoom Yes, up to 8x
f-Number f/5.5 Standard, f/4 & f/2.5 options f/4, f/3 & f/2.5 options
Frame Rate Options 1 – 60 Hz configurable
Image Optimization – AGC Linear, Histogram Equalization, DDE
Invert/Revert Yes
NTSC/PAL (field switchable) Yes (accessory board required) N/A No
Parallel (24-bit/16-bit/8-bit) Yes
Sensitivity [NEdT] < 25mK (50% well fill at TBB=30°C flood mode) < 38mK (50% well fill at TBB=30°C flood mode)
Sensor Technology HOT MWIR
Shutter No Yes
Symbology Yes, RGB888 mode
Time to Image < 4min 23°C ambient (goal), < 2min 23°C ambient (goal, with shutter) <5 min 23°C ambient (goal) <5 min 23°C ambient (goal), <2min 23°C ambient (goal, with shutter)
Zoom and Focus Controls Yes
Input Power +3.3 VDC Camera, +12 VDC Cryocooler +5.0 VDC Camera, +12 VDC Cryocooler
Power Dissipation <8 W cooldown, <4 W steady state @ 23°C +5.0 VDC Camera, +12 VDC Cryocooler
System Interface
Communication USB or UART (921.6k baud)