Hyperspectral Machine Vision

Automated sorting and quality control

Hyperspectral Machine Vision

Resonon hyperspectral imagers are used by leading companies in food production, biotechnology, manufacturing, and consumer electronics. By providing far more information per pixel, hyperspectral machine vision detects small color differences more accurately and identifies different materials more reliably than conventional imaging. Resonon’s hyperspectral imaging cameras can be interfaced to robots, labeling devices, or used as feedback for sorting, grading, or process control.

Application Examples


Hyperspectral infrared imagers can identify counterfeits, find defects, and eliminate prescription errors.

The image shows three types of white pills, indistinguishable by colour to the human eye, but accurately classified via Resonon NIR-640 hyperspectral machine vision.

Hyperspectral Machine Vision Application Example Pharmaceuticals

Identifying Finished Goods

A major manufacturer of laminates uses Resonon machine vision systems at multiple facilities to identify over 30,000 products daily from a library of several thousand.

The image shows two nearly-identical products that are accurately differentiated using Resonon machine vision.

Hyperspectral Machine Vision Application Example Identifying Finished Goods

Machine Vision System Components

  • Hyperspectral imaging camera
  • Real-time hyperspectral vision software
  • Touch screen interface
  • Stabilized Lighting
  • Integration and training services
  • System documentation
  • Expert support

Hyperspectral Imaging Camera Options

Resonon offers hyperspectral imaging cameras that scan wavelengths from the near-ultraviolet (NUV), through the visible (VIS), to the short-wave infrared (SWIR).

Our team will help you identify the system best suited to your needs.  Please contact us for further information.